What Lawn and Landscaping Services Does Bug Stoppers Provide?

Whether your landscaping project is large or small, our lawn care specialists are here to help you, every step of the way. 

If you are starting from scratch and don’t know quite where to start, one of our landscape architects can help you design a landscape plan. We can help you create a vision, which may include:

  • Determining which parts of the yard will be used for different purposes (children, pets, gardening and outdoor living)
  • Adding trees and other shrubs to the landscape provide privacy and reduce electricity costs
  • Brightening your home’s exterior with the addition of flower beds
  • Creating pathways, walkways and hardscaping to connect different areas
  • Designing natural barriers for storage and outdoor items
  • Evaluating sunlight and soil types to determine the best placement of a vegetable, herb, fruit or butterfly garden
  • Considering water requirements and improvements to existing irrigation systems
  • Replacing turf grass with native plants
  • Highlighting your yard’s beauty with outdoor lighting
  • Design an outdoor kitchen area to entertain
  • Updating your pool to fit into a new landscaping plan
  • Incorporating a water feature into your yard
  • Adopting mosquito control measures
  • Assessing what landscaping measures would make your home less attractive to burglars

If you already have a vision in mind, we can assist you in refining the design and with execution.

 Can you work with any sized budget?

Yes! Our landscape designers can take your plan and suggest the best ways to start small and implement your ideas over time.

How soon can you begin working on my project?

The length of time of the project and the anticipated start date is something that will vary, depending on the project’s size and scope. How long the project will last can also depend on weather, suppliers and the time of year you’d like the work to take place.

Can you provide ongoing lawn care after initial landscaping services?

Absolutely. Make sure your improvements stand the test of time by scheduling periodic maintenance with Bug Stoppers. Our trained lawn specialists can work with you to create a schedule that works for your schedule and budget. Then, you can rest easy knowing that your yard will look its best, all year long.  

What is the best time of year to do landscaping?

Depending on exactly what you have in mind, there are changes you can make to your landscape any time of year to improve your home’s appearance and maximize your curb appeal.

Do I need to be at home while landscaping is done at my house?

Once we meet with you to go over what you’d like to have done, you can trust that our crews can come out and get the job done while you are at work or away. 

What products will you use on my lawn, and are they environmentally friendly? 

At Bug Stoppers, we not only care about your lawn, but we also care about the environment. During your free consultation, our lawn care experts will work with you to come up with solutions which help you reach your goals while minimizing the impact on the planet. 

Why choose Bug Stoppers for Landscaping Services?

Bug Stoppers applies the same environmentally-responsible principles to our landscaping projects as we do across the rest of our home and business services. Not only can you count on our background-checked, landscaping experts to make your vision a reality, but you can also take advantage of our competitive pricing.

When your project is finished, you will have a beautiful and sustainable landscape that’s custom-designed to your needs and preferences.